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Installation is a snap.


Nothing more than a screwdriver is normally required. Most existing doorbells operate from a low voltage transformer mounted somewhere in the wall or the attic, with the wires coming out behind the doorbell.. The musical doorbell is designed to replace a standard doorbell using this existing wiring from the transformer.

If your home does not have currently have a standard doorbell, the musical doorbell can also be configured to use a small 9V battery.

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Frequently asked questions about installation.

Q: Do I need an electrician to replace my doorbell?
A: No. You just remove your old doorbell from the wall, mark the wires that are attached to it, and replace it with the new doorbell. If your old doorbell was not electronic, you'll also need to remove the pushbutton at the door and screw a small part (a diode, included with the doorbell) at the back of it.

Q: Why is the diode required?
A: A mechanical doorbell will "ding" when you press and "dong" when you release the button. It does not need a source of power other than that. The diode serves to provide power to the electronics so that the music can continue once the pushbutton at the door is released.

Q: What kind of diode is it and how can I get a replacement?
A: The exact part number of the diode is 1N4001. Any electronics parts store will recognize that number. Send us an email and we'll send one out to you. Or check your local Radio Shack. Their part number is 276-1101, which is 59 cents for a pack of 2.

Q: Is the doorbell pushbutton included?
A: No, but any standard button found at any hardware store will work.

Q: Can I install two doorbells in my home?
A: No, but you can connect a auxiliary speaker if you need to be able to hear it at a remote location of the house.

Q: Is an additional speaker included?
A: No, but any standard 8 ohm 1/2 Watt (or greater) speaker can be used. We also sell an auxiliary speaker in the same housing as the doorbell.

Q: Can it work with more than one pushbutton?
A: Yes. In fact, it can play a different tune for the front or the back door.

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