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How to replace an existing doorbell

Most older, existing doorbells will have two or three wires at the doorbell location. Two if there is just one front doorbell button, and 3 if there is both a front and back door button. The wires should connect to screw terminals as shown to the right. These will be labelled "Front" (or "F"), "Back" (or "Rear", or "B", or "R")" and "Tran" (or "Trans" or "T"). Markings similar to this should be near the screw terminals to which the wires are attached. Before removing the wires from the existing doorbell, label each wire with tags marked F, T, and B or R (for the back door if necessary).


Note: Always turn power off before connecting any electrical equipment. Be sure that the AC/DC switch on the back of the Musical Doorbell is in the AC position. For non-lighted pushbutton switches, remove the jumpers at the back of the unit.

Step 1 - Turn Off Power
Locate the circuit breaker that supplies power to your doorbell and turn it off. Even though the doorbell is powers with a low voltage transformer, turning power off before starting is always a good idea.

Step 2 - Remove Old Doorbell
.Inside the house, using a srewdriver, disconnect the existing wires from the old doorbell (2 wires for front door only, 3 wires for both front and back door). Label the wires "F", "T", and "B" for later indentification. Remove old doorbell from wall.


Step 3 - Install the Musical Doorbell
On the new Musical Doorbell remove the cabinet back by sliding down from front part of the unit. Mark on the wall where the 2 mounting screws should be placed. Make sure wires from the wall enter the hole located in the upper center of the cabinet back for easy connection to the terminals shown to the right. Secure cabinet back against the wall by using the screws provided.

Connect wires from wall to the corresponding terminals in the cabinet back marked “F”, “T”, and “B”, connect the female plug from the chime to the male plug on the cabinet back. Once the cabinet back is in place, mount front cabinet to the cabinet back by aligning the 2 bushings to the holes in the cabinet back and then sliding it down until secured..


Placement of diode on back of push button.

Step 4 - Install Diode on Front Pushbutton
The Musical Doorbell requires a diode (supplied with doorbell) on the front door push button (outside the house) to operate properly. If the diode is not installed or is not installed correctly, the doorbell will only play as long as the push button is pressed. To install the diode, simply wrap each wire lead around a screw terminal on the push button. It only has to be connected to the front door button, not to the back door button.

That's it!
To test, press "Reset" then "Play"
In this type of installation, you may also install a 9V battery into the unit. This will allow you to take the unit off the wall for loading a user song. It will also provide battery backup for any user loaded song.

Wiring diagram for transformer (AC) operation
  Wiring diagram for doorbell installation  
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