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Full Version: Oklahoma Fight Song - Boomer Sooner
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Does anyone have the programming for Boomer Sooner (the fight song of the Unv. of Oklahoma) ?
Here you go.<br>EB FB GG E2E    D2B E2B C2G GE    AA GC2 GG BE    AA GC2 C2D
Thank You.<br>
when programming in the code, are the black keys utilized in this at all?  are the spaces between the letters intended to use the "pause" key there?  is there a time limit when entering the code?  do you have to wait for the tone to sound before going on to the next note?  sorry about all the questions, but when i entered this "EB FB GG E2E   D2B E2B C2G GE   AA GC2 GG BE   AA GC2 C2D", it sounded NOTHING like "Boomer Sooner".  someone may have to explain it to me as if i am a 7 year old, sorry.
Hi,<br><br>I know this message is over a year old, but the notes you got weren't even in the correct key..<br><br>Try this sequence if you still need Boomer Sooner:<br><br>DA,D#C2,FG,D2E,C2A,D2C2,A#G,FE,GA,FC2,FG,AE,GA,FC2,FG,A#E<br>DA,D#C2,FG,D2E,C2A,D2C2,A#G,FE,GA,FC2,FG,AE,GA,FC2,A#D<br><br>First letter is the note and the second letter is the duration (DA = D for 3/16ths, FG = F for 1/4th etc), commas mean jack.<br><br>If you want it to go a bit slower (closer to real thing) then use this:<br><br>DF,D#B,FE,D2C,C2F,D2B,A#E,FC,GF,FB,FE,AC,GF,FB,FE,A#C<br>DF,D#B,FE,D2C,C2F,D2B,A#E,FC,GF,FB,FE,AC,GF,FB,A#C<br><br>Hope that helps,<br><br>Tre'<br>
hey thanks alot!
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